Filling & Draining (Homebirth Only)

Filling Tips

Turn your water heater all the way up when you think you will be filling the tub soon. Watch out for it to be extra hot at the tap, and don't forget to turn it down again later.

The heater pad must be fully covered with water before you plug the heater in. You can find the top of the heater pad by standing near to where the cords come out of the base of the tub and running your hand down the inside of the tub until you feel a straight edge.

The heater pad cannot heat the tub in a time-effective manner, it can only maintain temperature. Shut the water off promptly whenever the hot water runs out. A standard 40 gallon hot water heater will add about 6 inches of depth before needing to 'recharge'.

Fill the tub with water at approximately 100 degrees F. This temperature is just when water feels hot instead of warm. It's good to avoid having a giant vat of scalding water. Also, the drinking-water-grade fill hoses tend to get a bit melty at much over 100 degrees.

Draining Instructions

Unplug the heater!

Attach your garden hose to the pump (white hose is only for filling) and submerge the pump in the tub. Some people drain the tub to their garden or out to the curb, others into a bathtub or toilet.

Once the free end of the hose is in a place where you are OK with a lot of water, plug in the pump.

Check on the pump once in awhile to make sure it's not blocked. Draining the tub will take approximately 45 minutes. (Tip for maximum water removal: When the pump starts to suck air because the tub is almost empty, pull up on the disposable liner so that the remaining water is funneled to the pump.)

Unplug the pump, lift the pump into the bucket using the hose, unhook the hose. Gather up the edges of the disposable liner and lift it off of the tub. It's yours to keep!

Give us a call. We'll break down the tub and get it out of your way. We'd appreciate it if you did not put the tub outside.