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Homebirth Service - $180

We deliver, assemble and begin filling the tub when you go into very early labor, and provide: a floating thermometer, any necessary faucet adapters, a drinking-water grade fill hose, and a pump for emptying the tub. We deliver (cheerfully) 24 hours a day.

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Possible guideline for when to call for delivery: You can still easily concentrate on other things, but contractions are regular and 5-6 minutes apart. The tub can take over an hour to fill with a tank hot water system, so it may be 2.5 hours after you call before the tub is ready to use.

To make a reservation send:
  1. A refundable deposit of $40

    Oasis Tub Rentals LLC
    P.O. Box 5154
    Eureka, CA 95502-5154

  2. Include your name, delivery address, due date and a contact phone number.
  3. You're done!
The remainder of the rental fee ($140) is due in CASH at the time of delivery.

To Tarp Or Not To Tarp? Some people opt to put a tarp under the tub. I haven't heard complaints from those who do not tarp, but haven't heard complaints either from those who do. In most cases a flat sheet and strategic towels should provide adequate protection without being slippery. It's really up to you and what you feel comfortable with. Tarps are not provided with the rental.

I bring everything that is needed, but some women opt for: pool socks for traction, pool noodles, inflatables, pillows.

Add a travel charge of $40 for locations north of McKinleyville, south of Fortuna or east of the 101 corridor.

If you cancel your reservation, the deposit is fully refunded. Once tub delivery is requested, the deposit is no longer refundable. Call or email for more information.